About us

A brief history of about us

was founded 13 years ago with the passion to help families and their children on a level of Psychotherapy and Psychological to empower their mind and knowledge.

Family Builders USA Foundation is a nonprofit organization (501c3) founded on 2012. Family Builders Foundation USA mission is to help families in crisis by providing specialized assistance programs tailored to strengthening the families. Family Builders Foundation has a group of certified psychologist that provide free advising and therapy to families. Additionally, Family Builders Foundation has a variety of programs that provide tools to equip families.

Why choose us


Family Builders U.S.A., is a prominent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in South Florida. As a platform for serving, giving, and performing charitable deeds.


Family Builders U.S.A. dedicates itself to improving South Florida’s stewardship by raising and donating funds to the following charitable categories: Abuse (domestic, child, and drug), Poverty (hunger, and homelessness) Health (cancer, autism, lupus, deaf, and blind), Peace (civil rights, education, and immigration); We are committed to humanitarianism, and manifesting love for everyone.


As South Florida strengthens its stewardship, and regains its position as one of the largest economies in the United States, we will witness our community rise as a platform for serving, giving, and humanitarianism. Allow the Family Builders U.S.A. to help you prepare for this initiative.

Our Team

Alfred Santamaria


Dra. Paola Barrios


Nohora Rojas

Vice- President

Dra. Prince Drago

Director of Psychiatric

Karina Quintana

Board Member

Alejandro Nieto

Director of Web and Graphic Designer